Twang is the Rock King

Twang is the Rock King

Born in 1938, Duane Eddy has been a pioneer in driving the world crazy with his instrumental rock n roll music and has created a niche place in global music history.

His album – “ Because they’re young “ rocked both the US and UK music charts throughout the 60’s and even now have the same aura after 50 years of release. He has given terrific hit records with his characteristic twango based instrumentals “ Play me like your Guitar, the lonely one “ and have been a popular name in the international rock circuit. Especially when everyone started to say that the instrumental was on the decline the guitar man albums rocked all the genres, ages, cultures and what-not and was promoted in BBC TV.

He has won Grammy award for his another top title “ Peter Gunn”. He has been inducted into Rock n Roll Hall of fame in 1994.

He is the first one to use signature model guitar. In memorandum of this, as a token of remembrance, Guild Guitars have release a new model in the famous DE Series (named after Duane Eddy) Gretsch G6120DE in second half of 2011.

As a follower of Duane Eddy, I would eagerly wait for the free Christmas song download. He recent title – “Road Trip” is another master piece and continue to keep the rock music followers sway in ecstasy.

No doubt – it is because of passionate music performers like Duane Eddy- Rock n Roll music has crossed the generations and continued its mark with loyal fan base, rousing receptions in live dates. Duane lives for years to come in the hearts of music lovers with his famous twangs and his name written with golden letters in the history of music.