Punk rock: the philosophy of revolt

Nowadays punk rock is sometimes perceived as a genre that has long outlived its best years. For almost 40 years, this scene has come a long way, having made the cultural revolution and having to grow to a dozen independent from each other movements. Is it possible to say that at the moment, punk rock is dead (as of late often claimed by many musicians) – is difficult to answer. However, it is possible to accurately answer the question of what made this genre special and so popular.Punk rock: the philosophy of riot Sex Pistols

After the end of the 60-s ended the “Golden age” of rock, there is a new generation for whom the stars this time, no longer seemed so bright. Bands such as Deep Purple, Pink Floyd, the Rolling Stones grew up and began to move away from today’s youth. New listener needed music that would Express his condition and feelings. Then began to change the whole world, and it became clear that the split between the generations is inevitable.

The first wave

Punk rock came out of garage rock, which consisted of a mixture of different directions. However, it was the first “own” music youth of the group Express themselves, their views and their position, not paying attention to the mass.

Punk rock: MC5 philosophy of rebellion

Gradually garage rock began to split: some groups broke up, some went to other musical currents. However, the desire to play simple, not limited the scope of the music remained. The uncompromising stand, which was filled with garage rock, soaked aggression. Then there were groups that became “roots” of punk rock, like the MC5. They wanted to make a cultural revolution through what he sang about war, violence and drugs. It was a tough, antisocial call, intended to be heard. This experiment with music is not recognized, neither in society nor with the critics. Surrounding said that all they did was beyond disgusting.

“One of our song called “To hell with inhibitions”. We concocted to the main melody of the introduction, where Rob Tyner screamed: “To hell with restrictions, fuck!”. We knew that violated a taboo. What we say: “God, they’re mothers!” But what the hell? It’s rock-n-roll, and a joke. But when our album was released, the censors heard this and “goddamn” removed. It killed the entire company with the MC5″, Wayne Kramer, guitarist of the MC5.

Then these groups are not widely appreciated. But they have kindled in the culture spark a new musical direction.

The second wave

This spark caught Iggy Pop and his band The Stooges in the late 60’s-early 70-s. Their wild antics set the tone for all future punk rock: “I do and say what I want, and I don’t care about your opinion”. Then on stage were the new idols of youth: Talking Heads, New York Dolls, the Ramones. These groups were not interested in sales (at least initially). Ramones was the only band that was equal to the English punks – they quickly won the audience, and thanks largely to a shocking appearance.

Punk rock: philosophy of rebellion Ramones

Much more negative the reaction was on the New York Dolls: “Malcolm (Malcolm McLaren, Manager of the group – approx.ed.) thought it would be more shocking in America? In America most afraid of communism, so let’s put on red and red throw a party. For shocking effect, he established a large flag with hammer and sickle behind the scenes. Dolls were not singing about communism, it was done to annoy people. And so it happened” – John Holmstrom, Creator of PUNK magazine.

But the real “punk rock revolution” broke out in 1975. It was a performance of the Sex Pistols in the College of arts of St. Martin. In an intelligent and prudish England, which had an excellent music history, the concert for a reckless group was a shock. No one has seen anything like the Sex Pistols looked like the personification of horror and fury. The members of the group spat from the stage, could be throwing things, cursing, shouting something to the audience. Their music consists of a few chords that sounded primitive, distorted and aggressive. But this was interesting to young people, because they have found in their songs, everyday things, and the idea generation without a future, rejecting even the most unshakable values, look shiny. The situation escalated after the release of the most famous singles of the Sex Pistols “God Save the Queen”. Then the group refused to tour England.

“You walked into a music store and asked to listen to the Sex Pistols. But the seller didn’t answer you. About this group was just afraid to talk” – British rock musician John Robb.

All this caused the inexorable interest, which increased after the Today show with host bill Grand. It was another demolition of the conventional taboos: the frontman johnny rotten started swearing directly from the TV screen. After this broadcast the Sex Pistols flooded a wave of hatred that some of the spectators started to hit the TV and throw it out the window.

During this period he punk rock began to look threatening. He expressed the anarchy and nihilism in everything was arranged pogroms, was dominated by the boorish attitude to the people, extravagant appearance. The youth opposed the government, culture, the older generation, and of all established values. It was a response to the violence that was happening in the world – the situation in world politics at the time, determined the emergence of such a genre as punk rock. Eight years was a war in Vietnam, in England, people had to stand in line to receive benefits in America increased the level of poverty. Punk spoke about the worries people. In addition, the performers themselves were of the lower strata. They were close to the youth like no other.

Along with the Sex Pistols and the Clash came. In essence, they played in the style of Sex Pistols, but they are not screaming about the problems of society. They understood that everything is bad, but if asked, “What can we do about it?”. In addition, the Clash was more neutral to the government.

To the 80-th years of the era of punk rock ends. Left the stage, Patti Smith, Blondie almost disintegrate. In 1978 he ceased to exist the Sex Pistols. Punk begins to reach the level of the business. Society, so to speak, released all those who have recently represented a threat to them. This was one of the most destructive punk rock moments – they have become legitimate: the labels sign contracts with many popular groups. And if the punks railed against the “yuppie group”, now they have become so.

The third wave

With 80 years of punk rock began to deform. It was broken up into areas that went farther from the source. Has changed not only the sound but the purpose of punk.

Punk rock: the philosophy of riot Joy Division

The torch of punk rock took the post-punk. In their music appeared more professionalism, but there was no rebellion and aggression 70-s. Post-punk group sought to complexity and diversity in music: they tried new techniques, addressed to such genres as reggae, glam and art-rock. The core of the songs become anxiety, melancholy, and sometimes mysticism. Popular with a variety of groups ranging from the “origins” of post-punk (Siouxsie and the Banshees, Joy Division), ending with the performers, who only experimented in this area (The Cure, Devo).

In the 80s the American and European scene captured hardcore punk. The Misfits, Suicidial Tendencies, Black Flag had a huge impact on heavy music. They are distinguished not only aggression and anger on politics, but also high professionalism of execution, which was not in punk rock.

In the 90s of the unexpected commercial success comes to pop-punk. This is probably the most known and common form of punk. Is sometimes referred and Ramones, though they cannot be called the first pop-punk band. Mix the motives of hardrock with ease sound came from the Buzzcocks – their main difference consisted in the rejection of aggression and mood changes in music. Now came forward inner feelings, which often were associated with unrequited love (the singles “Jerk”, “Ever Fallen in Love (With Someone You Shouldn’t Have”, “Autonomy”).

In the first half of the 90s the glories of groups that are popular and gather stadiums so far: Green Day, The Offspring, and Rancid. Especially in this series stood out Green Day – every album they brought something fundamentally new. It is possible to cause different reactions of the audience, because everyone found something they liked, and what didn’t. This is best show dozens of nominations and awards musicians. It Green Day influenced drugiego 90 years like Blink-182.

Inspired by their predecessors, and young pop-punk musicians who opened the genre for the XXI century: A Day to Remember, All Time Low, Fall Out Boy.

Why punk rock still popular? Why are new people willing to listen to this genre and play it? Take a look at 2017: new albums by Rancid and CJ Ramone, have finished recording their latest album The Damned. Prepare a collection of their hits from Green Day, who only a year ago, pleased fans of the new album.

Maybe punk rock is not just music. It’s a way of life, the inner state of a man. Still it expresses the one form of protest that has always been familiar to young people: the opposition to the government, parents, entrenched in society’s values. And most importantly – it gives you the opportunity to make music with their hands. You don’t have to be Mick Jagger to play at the highest level. You just do what you want to do.