History of World Music

History of World Music

Music has been found in the tribes of people who have not had contact with
civilization throughout their history. This has to lead many scientists to the idea that
music has been part of every tribe through the generations of human history. Every
culture in recorded human history has had its own music, and prior to the distribution
of humans across the globe, it is believed that music may have been invented in

Almost every aspect of life has influence on music. Not only trends but technology
Changes, cultural intermingling, and economic organization. Previous to recorded
History, it is believed that natural rhythms and bird songs may have inspired
Pre-historic man. This is further shown in the way that the early music of various
cultures had a lot of bird and animal symbolism within.

Medieval music was restructured during the Renaissance, which paved the way for
classical music. Classical and folk music was commonplace in western culture, and
each town and city would have its own stock of various musicians. Mostly the
musicians would only earn modest amounts as each town and city had its own
entertainers so that traveling to see musicians was not really necessary.

The advent of the radio and then the TV put most regional entertainers out of business.
Even now with the further advancement of TV and radio, people are less and less
inclined to go to the local working man’s club and see a the local “turn”. Twenty and
thirty years ago, the local entertainers in clubs would pull in a lot more customers.

Now thanks to TV, radio and the internet, large record producers may market their
entertainers around the world; consequently there are fewer professional musicians
(as a ratio against the number within a population), but the more famous musicians
will earn a lot more money.

Some of the methods of musical history include also called manuscript studies – Paleography, Philology relation to a musical analogy. These terms have their own significant meaning found in the dictionary in the history of music. Music has been diverted and influenced by the numbers of things that somehow depends on culture, tradition and the society the musician has been brought upon. Although the influences has been society it depends on the individual on which genre of music he/her like. It depends on their thinking, style and attitude towards life.