History Of Rock And Roll Guitar part 1

History Of Rock And Roll Guitar part 1


Guitar is very important instrument in the history of music. It is constructed by various woods and nylon strings which is played by fingers or pick. The shape of a guitar having rounded wooden body with a long flat neck in which the strings are attached. Commonly six strings are used in guitar.

History Of Guitar

The word “guitar” consist of two parts ‘guit’ which is Arabic word means ‘four’ and other part ‘tar’ is a Sanskrit word with a meaning ‘strings’. So basically guitar has a history in the middle and Far East. Also guitar is European invention traditionally.
The first and actual form of guitar was introduced when the tuning portion of lute used with the larger soundboard and different body style, this was the father of guitar called Vihuela.
In 1850s the reformed structure of guitar made by Spanish guitar maker Antonio Torres, who change the size of guitar with the better volume and tone.
At the same time, guitar was experienced with X-braced tops. Basically the X-braced tops were formed for the steel strings. These strings improve the guitar volume and made it louder than before.
After Vihuela, history shows two broad forms of guitar named acoustic and electric guitar.

Acoustic Guitar

The actual form of acoustic guitar consists of three types named classical, steel string and archtop guitar.
Classical guitar which is also called Spanish guitar comprises on nylon strings. It is popular for its right hand technique and solo performer easily manage complex melody tunes on it.
Classical guitar reformed in Steel string guitar with the introduction of steel strings. The main characteristic of steel strings is the volume or louder sound. Variations and different materials used in the construction of steel string guitar. Later, the steel string guitar replace with Archtop guitar with the characteristic of powerful and quality tone.
Generally, the shape of acoustic guitar consist of wooden body with a long neck, sound hole with strings. The tune of this guitar is played by the vibration of strings. Some sound automatically projected from the sound hole and mix with the sound of front face soundboard tune and all these combinations make different tunes with different guitars. The volume of sound positively depends on the sound box size.

Electric Guitar

In 1930s guitar change its form from acoustic guitar to electric guitar which is mainly depends on the amplifier of electric tones. The inventors of electric guitar were Adolph Rickenbacker, George Beauchamp and Paul Barth. They formed the Electro String Company and finally made the first electric guitar. After this invention, Charlie Christian was the first artist who develop different style tune from electric guitar in 1939.At this time Las Paul was another name who develop the guitar with four-by-four piece of pine and named it ‘The Log’.
In 1950, Leo Fender introduced solid body guitar named Stratocaster with the characteristic of having permanent place in the history of guitar and provide base for new ways of playing the instrument.
Today guitar is popular music instrument with all its history and types. It is a central part of flamenco music and used as a best solo instrument.