Genres of Music

Genres of Music

Genres of Music

Music is a part of the human life. It has the ability to touch the heart and the soul of any human being. Music is a good medicine to relief from stress. Also, it is one of the best money making industries at present. Anyone can be controlled through music from babies to elder. Sometimes, even animals respond to music.

Different people have different tastes. This is same for the music as well. People have their own choices of music. Here are some popular different types of genres in the music industry.

Classical music – This music type is known as the highest form of music. This is not a new music type and most of the classical music artists are gone from the earth. This is a complex music style and cannot follow this style without a proper training. Also, you should have talents and skills to be a good classical musician. Opera and symphony can be considered as sub-classifications of classical style.

Rock music – It was originated from rock n roll which was popular during the 1950s. It came to the society before metal and hip-hop music.  Rock music is still popular and it can be easily distinguished from other music styles.

R&B – This stands for Rhythm and Blues. It was popular among people on the second half of 20th century.  R&B is also recognized as black-pop music. It was a later development of rock n roll.

Hip Hop music – This music type uses bass as its main instrument. It also uses instruments that come from R&B, Disco, and funk. This is a dynamic music style and it creates continuous music that plays with amazing moves between songs.

Rap music – It is a subset of hip-hop music style. This style became popular in 1990s

Jazz music – It is not a new music type and has a history of a century. Jazz music uses instruments like violin, clarinet, and trumpet. It has a free-flowing style. Therefore, it is an ideal music style for relaxation.

Pop music – This is another popular music style. Pop music has various sub-genres. This music brings messages of the present time. The pop music contains high and low notes. They can be easily remembered once they have played few times continuously.

Folk music – This is a traditional music style. This music reflects needs and wants, likes and dislikes of the local people. According to the location, these songs have distinctive features.

Techno music – This music type is fully established popular music style that can be followed to the early 80’s. It uses a combination of machine music and electric funk. It also shows heartbreaking and sorrowful nature. When it had moved to European shores, it became identical with the dance floor.

Likewise, different music genres have been introduced to the society from time to time. Most of these music styles are still popular among people all over the world. When a particular person likes to a classical music, another one may like to Rap music. Sometime the music preference may vary based on the mood and the location.