Basic Overview Of History Of Rock And Roll

Basic Overview Of History Of Rock And Roll


Rock and roll is a popular music with a combination of rhythm, blues, country and gospel.
It started in late 1940s in United States with the history of best selling music. The main instruments of this music are string bass, electric guitar, drums piano and vocals.

History And Main Contributions:

1950s is a decade when rock and roll emerged. The basic theme was blues with guitars. Later, jazz and country added in this mixture of Rockabilly and made a 50s popular music ‘rock n roll’.

The pioneers of this music were Chuck Berry, Bill Haley & Elvis Presley.
1960s was the age when the fundamental theme of rock and roll reformed with Beatlemania and introduced in America and all over the world. In this time Beatles was the famous band who use the theme of Elvis and other pioneers of 50s and made different music.

In 1970s, the perfect mixture of hard rock and blues made by the band Led Zeppelin. In this age rock and roll change its shapes with punk rock. The famous bands and artists of this time were Eagles and Yes.

1980s music reformed the rock and roll with funk and disco. Some famous names of this time were AC/DC and Aerosmith.

In 1990s the reformed shape of music was grunge and alternative rock with a famous band Nirvana.

Emo is subgenre of rock which is filled with hardcore punks and emotional lyrics. Nowadays rock n roll finale with ‘rock’ only.
Rock and roll with its themes is most famous and basic genre of music. All the bands of today are inspired by rock n roll. All type of music has the roots of rock n roll which is original and matchless genre of music in all decades.