Basic Overview Of Musical History

Basic Overview Of Musical History

History of Music

No one can exactly say when and where was the start of music. It could be the same era that voice started or it could be the same time that human started to beat rocks together. And it could be started with clapping hands for some rhythm. However, music can be considered as one of the cornerstones of human society. It can be considered as a part of human culture.
Historiographers say about six periods of music. Each period has some unique styles of music and they say that every periods of music had made some contribution to today’s music.


Generally, from 1150 to 1400 is considered as medieval or middle ages. At this stage, the foundation of musical notations had been placed. These music notations are not as same as today’s music notations. Music had close relationship with the religion and many music notations were develop with connections of the church. The beginning of polyphony also happened at this stage. There were two types of musical styles. They are the monophonic and the polyphonic.


Period between 1400 and 1600 is considered as Renaissance stage. At this stage, many changes were happened to the music. As the name says, the rebirth of the music had happened during Renaissance stage. At the beginning of this stage, most of the music was similar to medieval stage music. But music writers slowly started changing their music with new ideas. Gradually music composers wrote music with smooth and gentle manner.

The name ‘Baroque’ derived from the Italian word ‘ Barcoo’. It means bizarre. At this stage of music many experiments were done with music styles, instruments and form. Hence, this stage can be referred as the development time of instrumental music and opera.


This period ran from 1750 to 1820. During this period, simple forms and melodies were used. Piano was used as the primary instrument by many composers. Beethoven, Mozart and Schubert are some of the famous music composers who lived during this period.


This is the period between 1800 and 1900. Music was used to tell stories or express ideas. Many instruments were used like wind instruments at this stage. Melodies of this period were fuller and dramatic. This period also can be considered as the period of nationalism because many music composers wrote music which was typical to their countries.

20th Century

At this stage, many innovations and changes had happened to the music. New technologies were used to develop music. Artists and music composers were willing to do new experiments on music. There were many different music styles were there at 20th century. Music composers used their own ideas to create different styles of music.

During these six periods of music, many new music inventions had been done. Many new music styles were introduced to the human society. Therefore, all these stages had contributed for the development of music we used today. With the new technology and the development of musical instruments, more new music styles will come to the society in the future as well.